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Monday 17 November 2014

Here are some things to do in Towsville and our beatiful "Strand" or beach if your not German.

Why not start with a little exercise and utilize the 8 exercise pionts give yourself a workout while you run along our beatiful waterfront overlooking "Magnetic Island" Because I know how much I want to exercise when I travel? (Hold on, no I don't. I'll just sit and look out to sea!) Climb the Spiders web!

 Crap where's the Spider!

When you get to the end of the "The Strand" you can pass out under one of the palms or trees and have a little sleep. Don't forget the 30+ sunscreen. Or you may wake up like a well cooked "Rock Lobster"

Relaxing in the bestiful surounds of Townsville "Rock Pool."

After the little sleep you can have a swim in the lagoon at the northern end of "The Strand" to cool off or maybe do a few laps if your still up to it and have plenty of energy left. Don't swim in the lagoon on a Thursday as there is no water in it and diving into the concrete base will probably cause you a bit of a headache. (Closed for cleaning)

 Thank God its not Thursday!

You may prefer to swim in the stinger enclosure on the beach front so you can get battered by the the enormousness wave that reach OH! at least 0 to 30cm. Don't bring your surfboard as the only time you can surf in Townsville is during a cyclone. (Surfing during cyclones is not recommended by me or the Reef Lodge Backpacker)

What is this guy looking at?

A few things you can experience on "The Strand" include the "Rock Climbing wall" beach volley ball and jumping out of a perfectly good plane @ 12000  to 18000 feet and finding yourself back on "The Strand" (Some how I can't see me doing that as I just about need a "Valium or Vicodin" to get in the plane."


Have a "Picnic" after the your drug induced state from jumping out of that plane and celebrate the fact your still alive. (Drug of choice here is "Adrenalin" and not the Vicodin.)

Just laxing :-)

You may need to find some food for your BBQ picnic, so, throw a line into the ocean and catch a fish. There is a great fishing pier in the middle of "The Strand" off the rocks or sandy beach. Very peaceful at night. Not so for the fish!


If murdering that poor fish is not your style and you want something a little more civilized try one of the many cafes, coffee shops and restaurant along "The Strand" or an ice-cream Gelato from Gelimissio.

Overlook Cleveland Bay over Townsville.

Finally maybe you want to regress to childhood and go and play in "The Water Playground"  or climbing bars ect ect 

Having fun on the Strand.

Find a blanket settle in and catch one of our beautiful tropical sunsets!

 Sunset never looked so good!

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