Reef Lodge Backpackers Townsville

Thursday 29 January 2015

Who are the creepy old people staying in my room @ Reef Lodge Backpackers Townsville and Magnetic Island .

Who are the creepy old people staying in my room?

This was a question asked by a couple of young people, maybe 19 or 20 who had just come out from the UK for a year. The idea of a person over the age of 40 was horrifying and they asked to be move.

Here is a question I get asked by so many older people wishing to take the adventure of backing after they have retired. The oldest backpackers I have ever had stay at the Reef Lodge Backpackers Townsville was a 72 year old English lady and 82 year old Italian man. Many people who have raised their children / semi retirees or simply retired are now starting to go backpacking. They no longer have the responsibility of a family home or job and wanting to travel and see the world.

Sadly, many younger people see this as weird / strange that old people (45+) would be allowed to stay in a backpacking hostel. GUYS and GIRLS trust me just because the outside looks a little rough, doesn't mean that the spirit of life has died in these "GOLDEN BACKPACKER". You all should be envious and follow by example, that age plays no barrier to your will to find adventure in your life.

To all you would be backpackers under 29 lets see how much spirit you have when you look in the mirror in years to come to see an "OLD YOU!" looking back at. If your spirit has been broken to conform to constraints of society that you are now "TOO OLD" to enjoy yourself.

Oldness You should hope it happens to you!