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Friday 26 June 2015

Just down from the Reef Lodge Backpackers in Townsville there may be a hidden secret tunnel.

Just down the road 100m from the Reef Lodge backpackers here in Townsville, it is said  Secret tunnel connecting the "Queens Hotel and "The Customs House." Tunnels through "Castle Hill." These are some of many stories surrounding the on-going controversy about so called "Top Secrete" tunnel system connecting Melbourne to Townsville via Canberra dating back to "WWII" and the "Cold War."

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This is an on going story, I remember as a boy and that there secret hidden tunnels crise crossing Townsville city. I remeber my farther saying they had tunnels from building to build in the main city areas and know of passage ways of some of the pre-war buildings having doors and short tunnels to no where. The stories go that the whole city had a network of air-raid bunkers and tunnels connected them all. There is also a story that the USA had tunneled into "Castle hill" and had set up command center. This has never been proved and there is no evidence other than hear say from old servicemen and there family members.

The following are a couple of sites which promote these stories with some evidence.

Although I have heard these tunnels are reportedly old storm water or sewage drains. But who know?

"There are a number of small independent teams of historians chasing evidence of hidden WW2 bunkers and tunnels in the Townsville area. On 18 May 2002, I was advised by one of these groups that they had discovered a ventilation tunnel that leads into one of the main tunnels in the Townsville area."


"Beneath the surface of a tropical paradise in the city of Townsville on Australia’s Sunshine Coast lies a hidden maze of tunnels and underground bunkers, once said to be used by General Douglas MacArthur. Learning the secrets of this labyrinth that was a major World War II staging point for battles in the Southwest Pacific is the passion of Kevin Parkes of Geo Positioning Services, Townsville."


"It has been suggested that a tunnel may have gone through Castle Hill and exited near the Townsville General Hospital. Possibly built as part of an early defence scheme for Townsville. Probably just another one of the many urban myths!" 


castle hill tunnel hole

 "DEFENCE is investigating claims up to 50 US prisoners died in underground bunkers in secret chemical warfare tests on a coral atoll on the Great Barrier Reef off north Queensland.
The latest probe comes after the discovery of a tunnel under Castle Hill in Townsville this week unearthed an Aladdin's cave of other military mysteries reportedly kept secret from the public." 

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