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Friday 26 June 2015

Just down from the Reef Lodge Backpackers in Townsville there may be a hidden secret tunnel.

Just down the road 100m from the Reef Lodge backpackers here in Townsville, it is said  Secret tunnel connecting the "Queens Hotel and "The Customs House." Tunnels through "Castle Hill." These are some of many stories surrounding the on-going controversy about so called "Top Secrete" tunnel system connecting Melbourne to Townsville via Canberra dating back to "WWII" and the "Cold War."

ch03.jpg (28397 bytes)

This is an on going story, I remember as a boy and that there secret hidden tunnels crise crossing Townsville city. I remeber my farther saying they had tunnels from building to build in the main city areas and know of passage ways of some of the pre-war buildings having doors and short tunnels to no where. The stories go that the whole city had a network of air-raid bunkers and tunnels connected them all. There is also a story that the USA had tunneled into "Castle hill" and had set up command center. This has never been proved and there is no evidence other than hear say from old servicemen and there family members.

The following are a couple of sites which promote these stories with some evidence.

Although I have heard these tunnels are reportedly old storm water or sewage drains. But who know?

"There are a number of small independent teams of historians chasing evidence of hidden WW2 bunkers and tunnels in the Townsville area. On 18 May 2002, I was advised by one of these groups that they had discovered a ventilation tunnel that leads into one of the main tunnels in the Townsville area."


"Beneath the surface of a tropical paradise in the city of Townsville on Australia’s Sunshine Coast lies a hidden maze of tunnels and underground bunkers, once said to be used by General Douglas MacArthur. Learning the secrets of this labyrinth that was a major World War II staging point for battles in the Southwest Pacific is the passion of Kevin Parkes of Geo Positioning Services, Townsville."


"It has been suggested that a tunnel may have gone through Castle Hill and exited near the Townsville General Hospital. Possibly built as part of an early defence scheme for Townsville. Probably just another one of the many urban myths!" 


castle hill tunnel hole

 "DEFENCE is investigating claims up to 50 US prisoners died in underground bunkers in secret chemical warfare tests on a coral atoll on the Great Barrier Reef off north Queensland.
The latest probe comes after the discovery of a tunnel under Castle Hill in Townsville this week unearthed an Aladdin's cave of other military mysteries reportedly kept secret from the public." 

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Friday 8 May 2015

"I aced that! " Australian slang and the Reef Lodge Backpackers in Townsville educating the world!

1. Ace from the Latin meaning "a unite"
2. A Playing card suite.
3. A Fighter pilot
4. "Great!" Ozzie Slang.

"Walking out my front door with weather like this today, it cant be aced!"

and only 22.1' ;oD. Got to make you happy!

Then open the front reception to this! And only 5 or six months of this too put up with. Damn!!

"Cactus!" Australian slang and the Reef Lodge Backpackers in Townsville educating the world!

1. "Cactus!"

"A dessert plant."

2. "Cactus"
The front ends of two vehicles after an accident
"Something broken in in serious trouble."

Hey John your car is cactus, its just been hit by another car!"

Friday 1 May 2015

"Cat burying Shit!" Australian slang and the Reef Lodge Backpackers in Townsville educating the world!

1. Cat burying Shit.
Very busy

"Fred was like a cat burying shit. He was trying to clean up the back yard for the B.B.Q."

Tuesday 28 April 2015

To President Joko Widodo you have made a difficult decision. Sadly I think it was wrong!

 Its during times of difficult decision that humanity needs to look hard at itself. If the answer does not show an answer that will bring us as a species closer to harmony, then the answer is probably wrong.

Execution is not an answer to a difficult situation. Education should be foremost. I will no longer have Indonesia on my travel list and will certainly think twice about buying products manufactured there. Death is final and gives no chance of rehabilitation. This kind of response shows humanity is still no better than animals in the wild.

Respectfully yours Dean

Sunday 26 April 2015

"Thats a boomarang Mate!" Australian slang and the Reef Lodge Backpackers in Townsville educating the world!

1. Boomerang
A piece  of timber which is fashioned into a curved, flat, long stick. Used traditionally by Australian Aboriginals to hunt and fight. Some of these would also return to thrower.

2. Boomerang
Something on loan, which needs to be returned.
"Hey, John, here is a loan of my hammer but just remember its a boomerang."

For more information on traditional Boomerangs try this site:

Tuesday 21 April 2015

"Blue Murder" Australian slang and the Reef Lodge Backpackers in Townsville educating the world!

 "Blue Murder" Australian slang and the Reef Lodge Backpackers in Townsville educating the world!

1. To get away with something serious.
"Those bastards would get away with Blue Murder"

It is thought to be derived from the French curse word "morbleu" , which is an euphemism for "mort de Dieu" "death of God". It also thought that it really only apples when a high ranking person is killed or a Blue Blood. 

Sunday 19 April 2015

Latest from M.T.B about Townsville history. Only a short 100m from the Reef Lodge Backpackers

The Museum’s newest local history display revealing the story of Townsville’s first lighthouse as told by the last four light-keeping families.

 Just over the road from the Reef Lodge we currently have display at the Museum of Tropical Queensland for those with an interest in local history around Townsville.

Following is a media release from MTQ:

Cape Cleveland Lighthouse: a story of four families is part of Townsville’s 150th anniversary celebrations and focusses on the lives of the lightkeeping families stationed at Cape Cleveland for nearly half a century between 1938 and 1986.

The display of photographs and family memorabilia tells the story of the lightkeepers and their families who worked together to keep the light shining and warn passing ships of the dangers surrounding the Cape.

The display opens on Monday 27 April.

 70 – 102 Flinders Street | Townsville | Queensland 4810 | Australia
t. 07 4726 0603 | m. 0424 408 373 |

Friday 17 April 2015

Ever wanted to tell a customer "Why don't you just "GO FCUK YOURSELF!" cause You can't shoot them and you can't shoot them!"

 I do get fed-up with crap customers who have no Idea they are Douch-bags! Does anyone else feel like this and you just bite your tongue in fear of retribution from the so many on line review sites, that basically states it the right of the scumbag  customer to say what they like and the business has to tippy-toe around the bullshit they say about you.

So don't you love it when a customer comes down well past check out time and says they are checking out. We tell all our customers that check out time is 10am, and yet when you say to the person who waited less than 2 minute "You do realize check-out time was at 10am"

All of a sudden you have the worst customer service:

 Thank you Charlie Brown:

Office bell rings at 10:45am
Me:      "Hello."
Laurel: Abruptly says. "I want to check out."
Me:      "You do realize you are supposed to check out at 10am."
Laurel: "WELL! I would have if someone was in the office." 
Me:      "Yes well I've been here since 8am."
Laurel: "Yeh, well I've been waiting."
Me:        Baffled look :0/
Laurel: "You should have been in the office!"
Me:      "Well I've only been out of the  office for about 2 minutes."
Laurel: " Well someone should be in the office"
Me:      "I'm sorry that it took 2 minutes to go to the toilet"
Laurel: "Oh"
Me:      "In future, please remember businesses do have check out times for a good reason."
Laurel: "You do realize with that sort of attitude you shouldn't be in this industry"
Me:      "Yeh, well you do realize I get fed up with customers with crap attitudes and can't follow simple instruction."
Me:       "OH and have a nice day."

Here comes another bad review!!!

On behalf of those people who are in the service industry putting up with Ass-holes, and have had to deal with a Laurel in their life, this is for you.

How's that for a bit of "business feedback"


Tuesday 14 April 2015

Bog / Bog-in Bog-House Australian slang and the Reef Lodge Backpackers in Townsville educating the world!

 Bog / Bog-in / Bog-House

1. Bog
Poo / feaces / shit

2. Bog-in
Eat heartily

3. Bog-House

After you "bog-in" to a bowel of really hot chilli you may need to find yourself a "Bog-house" to have a burning hot "bog."

Monday 6 April 2015

What is a "Bee's Dick!" Australian slang and the Reef Lodge Backpackers in Townsville educating the world!

1. A bee's Dick
"How big is a bee's dick."

2.  anything small or insignificant
 "John skidded off the road only to miss a girl on a  bicycle by half a "bee's dick!"

Or then again as stated in this discussion group @ by a guy called Skid, it seems their could be a finite measurement and who knew a Bee's dick was imperial and not metric.

Well, I do now!

Thanks to Skid all has been explained:

Definitely imperial! In a former life I was a fitter & turner; in the trade, a bee's dick was 'half a thou' (ie. 0.0005") however the use of the term was expanded to include any amount that was 'less than a thou'*. Perhaps Frant was a boilermaker? (boilermakers having, over time, adopted their own approach to measurement & tolerances). Any serious discussion on this matter would not be complete without mentioning another imperial unit, the "c*nt hair". This unit is a distance equal to 'two thou' (ie. 0.002") (plus or minus a bee's dick). Those of you with access to both a micrometer and an actual "c*nt hair" will be able to verify this. Note: both the "bee's dick" and "c*nt hair" are singular units, and as such are only used by themselves and never in the plural sense. You would NEVER refer two "two bee's dicks", or "three c*nt hairs"; that would just be silly! I trust that this helps clear things up. *Reference: Page 2435 MAchinery's handbook, 25th edition, 1996 Industrial Press Inc

Friday 3 April 2015

"Bombs" and Educating backpackers at Reef Lodge Townsville in Australian slang and saving money!

"Get that bomb off the road!"

If your in Australia and someone tells you to get that "Bomb" off the road!

They are probably talking about that crap car or van you paid too much money for. Seems backpackers really need to take a better look at the vehicle they are buying and maybe take it to some like a mechanic for a road worthy. Seems backpackers are often targeted to sell cars that really are not worth the money. I have seen backpackers pay thousands of dollars for a vehicle that would not pass a roadworthy.  OH and it had a FREE "Lonley Planet"

Just because the guy or girl who is selling you the car says:

"Gee! this has been such a great car its taken us all round Australia, we don't really want to sell it but we have to. We've had NO TROUBLE at all!" 

"HEY, well throw in all our camping gear as well."

 Get that "BOMB" a check-up!

Sunday 29 March 2015

"Berko" and Educating backpackers at Reef Lodge Townsville in Australian slang.

"Australian Slang" He was going berko for absolutely no reason!

Sounds a bit like me at 3am when some drunken A/Hole is causing no end of trouble and then wonders why I decide he needs to leave the hostel.

Berko seems to have come from the word berserk which was derived from the Norse warriors the "Berserkas." These  Nordic warriors would work themselves into an insane furry prior to battle  through a combination of dance /chants/ alcohol and it is thought psychoactive drugs. This would give the warriors an violent blood-lust, great strength and an immunity to pain. For this reason these warriors would continue fighting even when mortally injured or against overwhelming odds.

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Museum of Tropical Qld with the following great events. Just over the road from the Reef Lodfge Backpackers Townsville

A busy weekend coming up for the  Museum of Tropical Qld with the following great events:

Friday March 20

Image: Carlos Perez Naval, Spain. Stinger in the sun
Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition
Come along to a special FREE preview of the international Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition on Friday March 20 from 5pm to 7.30pm. The Museum is the only Queensland venue to host this exhibition and it features over 100 extraordinary wildlife images from around the world.

Admission is free.

Phone 4726 0600 or visit for more information.
Opens Saturday 21 March

Image: Carlos Perez Naval, Spain. Stinger in the sun
Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition
Check out the international Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition from Saturday 21 March. The Museum is the only Queensland venue to host this exhibition and it features over 100 extraordinary wildlife images from around the world. Ends May 17.

FREE entry for Townsville and Burdekin locals on Saturday 21 March, then normal admission applies, free for members.

Phone 4726 0600 or visit for more information.

Saturday March 21
Harmony Day Celebrations
Visit the Museum of Tropical Queensland on Saturday March 21 for dynamic performances, interactive demonstrations and international food tastings to celebrate this year’s Harmony Day.

FREE entry for Townsville and Burdekin locals on Saturday 21 March, free for members.

Phone 4726 0600 or visit for more information.

Sunday March 22

Image: Photograph by Mark Horvath
Wildlife photography talk
Visit us for a wildlife photography talk by local birdo and photographer Mark Horvath on Sunday 22 March at 12pm. Learn about the gear needed for successful wildlife photography as well as camera settings and accessories, techniques for approaching and capturing great images and finally how to critique your own images.

Normal admission applies, free for members.

Phone 4726 0600 for more information.

Talks and Tours
Learn more about our visiting and permanent exhibitions in these daily presentations. 10.30am, 11.30am, 12pm & 1.30pm.

Normal admission applies, free for members.
Running Out the Gun
Learn to load and fire a cannon with your friends and family each day at 11am and 2.30pm. Under the supervision of the Gun Captain, try to hit the enemy ship in record time. Age 8+, covered shoes must be worn.

Normal admission applies, free for members.

Photograph by Mark Horvath.jpg

Photograph by Mark Horvath.jpg

Friday 13 March 2015

Another thing to do in Townsville is to "dodge a snake" and Blast off with the Belcher’s Sea Snake, a class of their own.

 Townsville has some of the most dangerous snakes in the world. Happily they are usually fairly timid or don't live anywhere near us.

Top 10 Most Venomous Snakes

Coming in at number 10 is the "Rattlesnake"
 Coming at number 10 is Americas one and only Rattle Snake and is a member of the Pit Viper family. They are able to strike a distance equel to 2/3 of their body length.  Potentionally fatel if not treated with antivenin, when applied reduces the death rate to 4%.

At number 9 is the "Death Adder"

The "Death Adder" is native to Australia and New Guinea. These snakes actually hunt other snakes, including some in the top 10, and usually ambush their prey. Death Adders look similar to other vipers, with their triangular heads and short bodies. If untreated Death Adder bites are one of the most lethal in the world. Antivenin is successful in treating Death Adder bites, due largely to the relatively slow progression of the toxin. Prior to antivenin Death Adder bite fatalities were around 50%. At 0.13 of a second the Death Adder has the quickest strike in the world.

Next is the "Saw Scaled Viper" at number 8.
Found throughout the world, with the most venomous being the Saw Scaled Viper as well the Chain Viper, found in the Middle East, Central Asia, India, China and South East Asia. Viper snakes are quick tempered and generally roam around at night, and active most often after rains.  Death  may occur from 1 to 14 days after the bite from septicemia or cardiac failure.

The "Philippine Cobra" comes in at number 7
The Philippine Cobra is the exception of all Cobras making this list. These snakes are capable of spitting up to 3 meters and its venom is the most deadly of all the Cobra's.

6 is the "Tiger Snake" and the second of the Australian contingent.
The Tiger snake is found in Australia and has a very potent venom. Death can occur within 30 minutes of being bitten, but normally takes from 6-24 hours. Fatality rate from Tiger snakes was  between 60-70% prior to the advent of an antivenin. The Tiger snake are generally timid however will become aggressive if cornered

"Black Mamba" is next at number 5
The Black Mamba is found and feared throughout much of the African continent. They can be very aggressive, and strike with deadly accuracy. Also the fastest land snake in the world and can reach speeds speeds up to 20km/h. These snakes can strike up to 12 times in a row. One bite is capable of killing 10-25 adults.  Prior to antivenin, the death rate was almost 100%. Death can occur within 15 minutes to 3 hours.

Back to Australia at number 4 is the "Coastal Taipan"
Another Australian entry. The venom of the Taipan is strong enough to kill up to 100 fully grown men. The venom clots the victim’s blood, blocking arteries or veins. Before the advent of an antivenin, there are no known survivors of a Taipan bite, and death occurs within the hour.

There are 2 sub-spesies being the "Inland Taipan"and "Coastal Taipan."Taipans are similar to the African "Black Mamba."

3rd from the top is the "Blue Krait"
The Malayan or Blue Krait are found in South East Asia and Indonesia, 50% of bites from these are fatal, even with the advent of antivenin. These snakes hunt and kill other snakes, even eating their own species. A nocturnal breed, and very aggressive at night. They are generally a quite timid and would attempt to hide than fight. The venom is 16 times more toxic than a Cobra. Bites from Kraits are rare due as they tend to be nocturnal. Fatality rate were 85% prior to antvenom even then you are far from guaranteed survival. Death will occur from 6-12 hours of a bite.

2 Eastern Brown Snake
With just 1/14,000 of an ounce of this venom it will kill an adult male. 
Sadly their habitat is also the major population areas of Australia. The are fast moving snakes, and can be very aggressive as well they have been known to chase people. Juveniles can even kill an adult human. Luckily for us,only  half of their bites contain venom as they prefer to not bite if possible. They react movement, so stand still if should your encounter one and wait till it leaves.

At number 1 is the "Fierce Snake" or "Inland Taipan."
Although a sub species the "Inland Taipan" has a spot of its own and is the most poisonous of all land snake. One bite is enough to kill up to 100 people. They are10 times more toxic than the "Mojave" Rattlesnake, and 50 times more than a Cobra.Lucky for us, Inland Taipans arn't overly agressive aggressive and and rarely seen by people. There have been no deaths ever recorded, although potentially could kill an adult in approximately 45 minutes.

Blast off with the Belcher’s Sea Snake, a class of their own.
 With just a few milligrams and enough to kill 1000 people! The worlds most venomous snake. Thankfully less than 25% of bites contain any venom, as well they are docile. Fisherman are often  victims of these snakes, when they encounter them they pull in nets. Found in the waters of Northern Australia and South East Asia.

Thank you to wikipedia and for the information.

For all your accommodation in Townsville ask at the reception at Reef Lodge Backpackers Townsville, Queensland Australia. Or, contact us through our website  Phone 07 47 211 112 

Sunday 8 March 2015

Customers lost in the depths of the minds black hole and 13 years at Reef Lodge backpackers ;OD

Do you ever get the feeling the words that come out of your mouth get lost in the depths of the minds black hole.

After so many years of people asking question about all sorts of things and inability of people to comprehend the answer only ask the question with the rebounding same answer. Never seems to defy my logic. When customers come in and I explain how to get to their room!

Only to be asked in the next breath "So how do I get to my room?"


So when I went to Gecko's today I could help but laugh at this!

Thank-you for the good giggle ;OD

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Wombats of Australia there are 3 species. Reef Lodge Backpackers Townsville

Native to Australia, Wombats are large marsupials that burrow. wombat are divided into three species:

Bared-nosed wombat,
 (Vombatus ursinus) More broadly named the Common Wombat cruises around the east-coast of Australia atarting at northern New South Wales all the way to the south-east of South Australia.  Bare nosed wombats also inhabit Tasmania. Aso found in southern Queensland the current status is they are not endangered but these stats vary from state to state and in different areas are listed as ’threatened’.

Southern hairy-nosed wombat
 (Lasiorhinus latifrons) is found west of the Murray River South Australia and across the Nullarbor to  the border of Western Australia. They are a dry land species they are not endangered in South Australia but listed as endangered in NSW with populations fragmented from properties where they are eradicated or under threat.

For more about these little guys try
Northern hairy-nosed wombat.(Critically endangered)
(Lasiorhinus krefftii) These little guys have a limited range of the Epping Forests Queensland nad with a total remaining individuals thought to be less than 200. There fore its status is one of the most critically endangered mammals on earth. It is the aim of the Natural History Society’s to stop this from happening to the southern hairy-nosed or the bare-nosed wombats and have taken great efforts to preserve as much of their habitat as they can  and to try and allow them to live undisturbed by human population.

Reef Lodge Backpackers

Friday 27 February 2015

Happy 30th Birthday Billabong Sanctuary from Reef lodge Backpackers Townsville.

Townsvilles Only Native Australian 

Wild life Zoo.

Get up close with with your favourite Australian animals:

Koalas – Crocodiles – Wombats – Dingoes – Kangaroos – Pythons – Cassowaries

Australia has many weird and wonderful native fauna!   Meet them here, in semi-tropical bushland setting only 20 minutes south of Townsville, where you can guarantee a wonderful and rewarding experience.

 As part of  their 30 Years birthday celebrations, Rangers are presenting Free presentations;

30 Years WILD!

It’s our 30th Birthday, and we’ll be going WILD with celebrations during the whole month of March, offering a swag of special events, prizes and competitions!

FREE talks on Saturday and Sunday in March.

 FREE behind the scenes tour every single day during March!

For more information go to:

Billabong Sanctuary
(07) 4778 8344
Bruce Highway, Nome,
Townsville, Australia, 
QLD 4816

Thursday 26 February 2015

Rock Wallaby's are so cute!. When you stay at the Reef Lodge Backpackers in Townsville ask us where you can see them.

Allied Rock-wallaby's are widespread in the north-eastern parts of Queensland and and they are also found on Palm and Magnetic Islands.

While staying at the Reef Lodge Backpackers go and see Wallaby's at Ross river dam. Townsville
What you lookin AT!
This little guy was one of probably 50 in the rocks of the Ross river dam in Townsville. You can see these little guys hoping around at dusk as they get ready to have some dinner as there is a plentiful supply of grass around the area.

While staying at the Reef Lodge Backpackers go and see Wallaby's at Ross river dam. Townsville
Don't mess with me!
Although not tame you can get within 5 to 10 meters of these little guys. As well get some really nice pictures.  For more information of these Wallaby's got to the link below. There cousins can also be seen on Magnetic Island, if you are unable to go to the Ross River.

Thursday 19 February 2015

Wi-Fi and Bread Crumbs. Backpackers and pidgeons.

So what do Backpackers and pidgeons have in common.

Well their ability to congregate to find what means most to their lives. In the evolution of the human race it is interesting to see what is important to us as an individual. Frankly I could care less about Wi-Fi or my mobile phone. (With the odd exception. running late for an appointment or breaking down in my car) I was walking down to the markets last Sunday past a flock of pidgeons, eating bread crumbs someone had thrown to them as more and more arrived. As I walk on further I noticed the Free Wi-Fi sign and a group of young people 16 to 25 years old all sitting or standing around, mobile in hand not speaking just reading and texting. I stood there for about 5 minutes just watching and nothing was said. Just eyes glued to screens.

Suddenly I I started to think are these young people loosing there social skills of communications, as nothing around them seem to matter.

30+ Pidgeons and bread crumbs!

15+ backpackers and Wi-Fi hot spot!

Sunday 15 February 2015

Great freezing Monkey Balls and only 10 to 15 minute walk from the Reef Lodge backpackers in Townsville to find out.

Welcome to the Maritime Museum 

in Townsville

In 2001, the Maritime museum open to the public after a year of extensive refurbishment. With assistance from Commonwealth Centenary of Federation funding. The resulting complex attracted great community support. It is located on the south bank of Ross Creek, with the boardwalk overlooking the The Ross creek motor Boat and Yacht clubs, on Palmer Street.

Some of the subjects covered at the museum include:

 Bay Rock light house was situated on a small outcrop of granite off West Point on Magnetic Island. This lighthouse was one of the first to be built in Queensland during 1886. The light hose was moved to the museum and officially opened September 2003

SS Yongala disappeared in 1911 during a cyclone south of Townsville. One hundred and twenty two people had been on board luxury passenger vessel, with none of the passengers surviving. It was not rediscovered until 1958 when divers discovered the wreck.

The patrol boat Townsville was gifted to the museum by the Commonwealth Department of Defence in May 2007. It was largly featured in the Australian TV series "Patrol Boat" Also known to the serving crew as  'The Black Knight Mustang 205'

Other displays include Knots and Hitches and how they were used. a library, Model Boat gallery and the story of how cold it has to be to freeze a Monkeys balls off.

For more information go to:

Address: 42-68 Palmer Street, South Townsville QLD 4810