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Sunday 10 August 2014

Free Things to do in townsville .One of Australia's greatest tradition the humble BQQ.

While staying in Townsville, here is a great and cheap dinner idea for 1 or more people. For less than $20-00 (2 people) you can go to Woolworths or Coles and buy a couple of steaks or sausages, bread and a salad. Maybe an egg or 2. Good idea is to look at the meat section and find the meat on special. Often you will see meatballs, sausages, steaks, chops, as well as poor old kangaroo and crocodile if your up for it. As well your salads are often on sale at the end of the day. all good ideas for saving a dollar.

 Then take a walk of about 500m to one of the many FREE electric BBQ,s along one of the nicest water fronts places in Australia pull up to one of the tables with a view you like. One of Australia's greatest tradition is to kick back in the great out doors and have a good cook-up. This is one tradition every budding backpacker should try while in Townsville.

since Townsville has on average 300 days of sunshine a year you would have to be unlucky not to get a chance to experience our beautiful weather. this is the view in the other direction. This is looking out towards Magnetic Island which is a short 8km swim away.

After you finish your great Australian tradition of a good old fashion barbie take a walk to the "Rock Pool" and take a dip. Or, take in the view of our beautiful waterfront.

Take a few drinks and kick back for a nap, but remember to "Slip Slop Slap and Slide." If you don't know what that means copy paste and Google it! Click on the crazy Seagull and listen to what he has to tell you!

or just go to this link: if your game.

 There are more free or cheap ideas of what to do in Townsville on the Reef Lodge Backpackers other blogs as well as our face book.

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