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Sunday 24 August 2014

Top 10 things to do in Townsville.

When your in Townsville here are the top ten things to do while your in Townsville. But I'm going to give a bonus 1 and make it 11! :-D

No. 10              "The Museum of Tropical Queensland."                   

No. 9                 Go check out "Reef HQ" aquarium and                     
visit the "Turtle Hospital"

No. 8            Take a look at the "Military Museum" at                    
"Jezzine Barracks at "Kissing Point"

No. 7         Take a swim in the "Rook Pool" at the northern           
end of the "The Strand"

No. 6         Have a BBQ breakfast on the beautiful beach front          
 and watch  he sun come up over stunning
"Magnetic Island" and the "Coral Sea"

No. 5      Have a BBQ dinner on the beautiful beach front and            
watch  sun go down over "Castle Hill"

No. 4        Take the ferry to the fabulous" Magnetic Island."             
Stay a day or stay a week.

No. 3    While on "Magnetic Island" take "the Forts Trail" and find
the wild "Koalas"in the trees.

No. 2       Go for a walk along the beautiful "Strand" beach front.  

No. 1    After you wake up go for a walk up our glorious "Castle Hill"

No. 0            BLAST OFF!!    Wake up in Townsville                  

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