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Sunday 17 August 2014

What should I see in Townsville. A Great day trip is to "Wallaman Falls" Australias longest single drop.

A lot of people who have stayed at the Reef Lodge Backpackers in Townsville have visited Wallaman falls. An estimated 100,000 people visiting the waterfall annually.  Wallaman Falls is a very popular attraction with it’s cascading falls it is located in a UNESCO World Heritage–listed Wet Tropic area, in the northern regions of Queensland, Australia. The main drop of 268 meters (879 ft) which makes waterfall the country's tallest single-drop waterfall. The pool at the bottom of the waterfall is some 20 meters (66 ft) deep. This would have to be one of the most beautiful and most iconic waterfalls in Australia.

Wallaman Falls in all it's glory.

All the information you ever wanted about a waterfall.

One of the resident ducks. "QUAKE QUAKE!"

Baby Frogs in one of the many pools around the falls.

There are dozens of birds in the pristine region of world heritage 
Forrest that call "Wallaman Falls" home.

And some of these birds will knock you car off the road! :-(

A Cassowary The sort of bird you don't want to upset cause it will chase you.

One of many flowers you will find in the area.

Veiw of the falls from the bottom.

The pool at the top of the falls.

The pool at the bottom of the falls.

Crows nest fern. One of hundreds of beatiful plant in the region.

An EVIL bird possessed. :0{ Or Maybe I just have no idea what sort of bird this!!

Pandamus tree


More flowers (Orchid)

Remember to wear shoes when you go bush walking.

Tourist eating Turtles "Just Joking" You will see plenty of these in the pools.

The walking track to the base of "Wallaman Falls"

All in all this is a great day trip and a must see when you are in the North. I would suggest an early start as the drive to the falls is long enough, but remember you have quite a walk along the track to the bottom of the valley as well. I wold suggest good walking shoes and take a picnic lunch and a couple of protein bars. As well as some water. Oh! and a camera.

Not to mention your sense of adventure!


For more information or if your after accommodation ask at the reception at Reef Lodge Backpackers Townsville, Queensland Australia. Or, contact us through our website or Phone 07 47 211 112  

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