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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Is there a GHOST at the Reef Lodge backpackers in Townsville, Queensland, Australia?

 For the last 12 years since we bought the Reef Lodge Backpackers here in Townsville, I have had a number of people come to me and tell me they had a woman in a white dressing gown walk past their room or have seen her standing in the common area or the drive way at the back of the hostel where we park our car.

Today I had a young man come to me at check out time and I ask him if I can help him?

He says very quietly.
"I'll just wait till you finish serving the other people if that's OK."

So after about 5 minutes I turn to him and ask "So how can I help you?"

 "I'll just wait till the people leave." comes the reply.

So after about a further 5 minutes he comes to me and says "Can I ask you some thing and I hope you don't think I am Crazy. But do you have a ghost here?"

"Funny you should ask, because your not the first person to have asked that very question." I go on to tell him about a number of instances where different people have seen same person. "Ghost"
They all go on to describe the same person. A woman dressed in what looks to be a full length white night gown to the ground with long sleeves.

She, (The Ghost) has always been pleasant and  has never done anything but walk past people or rooms, some time between the hours of 11pm and around 3am. Also she is only seen in 3 places. More often she will be standing, then walk away and then disappear.

With the exception of one girl who totally freaked out and refused to stay in the hostel after she saw the ghost. This is the only time anyone has left. When the young woman came down the following morning to check out she said she had not slept all night because of the ghost and didn't care if she got her money back, but she was leaving. She even looked like she had seen a ghost, so to speak.

So to all the budding Ghost hunters out there backpacking around Australia. If your heading to Townsville and would like the chance to maybe see a ghost who seems to have a very good bed side manner and a relaxed disposition. Come and see her at the Reef lodge.

P.S. Maybe some of these people just smoking too much "Whacky Toobaci!"

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