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Wednesday 13 August 2014

What to do in Townsville! Well here is a cheap Option for a beatifull sunrise breakfast on our Beautuful beach front "The Strand" All you Backpackers on a budget should love this!

While your staying at Reef Lodge backpackers in Townsville a very cheap breakfast option is an early morning breakfast BBQ to watch the sunrise over the glorious Coral sea and "Magnetic Island." With sunrise at any time between the hours of 5-30 to 6-30 pending on the time of the year, it makes for a wonderful time of the day no matter what day of the year.

On "The Strand" there are many FREE public BBQ's or cooking plates. These are electric and just require you to push a button to start the heating element. (Just one thing, keep an eye on them as the heater turns off after about 10minutes and you just need to push  it again.)

This is one of the many BBQ's available all along "The Stand" Not sure how many there are but at a guess it would have to be at least 25.

Here is my idea of a great breakfast and all you will need for your BBQ for 2 people. First of all you don't want to be doing a lot of clean up, so as an idea, I would try to get paper plates and / or paper towel before you leave and all carried in a couple of plastic bags. You can then use the extra plastic bag to have some where to sit your food without putting it on the bench and then bin it later.

2 Eggs
2 Bread Rolls cut and buttered.
2 strips of bacon or steak.
1 Medium tomato / sliced in 2.
2 Drinks, maybe a coffees or 2 or a tea! In travel / paper cup.

Bonus extras would be:
4 Mushrooms sliced.
1 small Onion sliced.

You will need 1 BBQ spatula or egg flip.

With about 4 teaspoons of butter on your bread roll.. Toast this buttered side down on the BBQ plate to help stop the eggs from sticking to the plate! And toast your bread. This is why you put the butter on the roll before you left!

Also, you may want a bit of butter to help cook your mushrooms and onions. Start cooking these first.You could use a bit of the butter you put on your bread rolls before you left!

If you want to go a bit up market you can do the whole 10 yards and take plates as well knives and forks. I would tend to use the paper towels and make myself a breakfast burger on a couple of paper towels which I can then through in the bin next to the BBQ. This will leave only an egg flip / spatula to clean which you can wash with the tap next to BBQ.

At the end of all this all you end up with is a spatula or egg flip to take home and the rest is in the bin or in your belly. :-D

P.S. There are more  ideas of what to do in Townsville on the Reef Lodge Backpackers other blogs as well as our face book.

For more information or if your after accommodation ask at the reception at Reef Lodge Backpackers Townsville, Queensland Australia. Or, contact us through our website or Phone 07 47 211 112  

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