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Tuesday 12 August 2014

What can I do in Townsville? One of the many free things to do in Townsville is walk or trek up the iconic "Castle Hill" A.K.A. Mt. Cootharinga.

One of the many things a visitor can do in this great tropical city is to walk or trek up our famous hill. This is a tradition many Townsvillian do on a daily or weekly basis. (They call it exercise)

The isolated pink granite monolith called Castle Hill is heritage-listed and stands in the heart of the north Queensland largest city of Townsville. The summit reaches a height of some 286 meters (938 ft) above sea and dominates the city skyline from all angels of the city. There are a number of look outs  from which to a 360' view of the city below, Cleveland Bay and the beautiful Magnetic Island.

 The following are a series of pictures taking you up to the summit of "Castle Hill"

OK. Heading up the hill. best place to start is probly "Gregory St" from "The Strand" and start walking towards the hill. When you get to the top of "Gregory St" you will have a few chioce and can walk up the hill.

Or go up the "Goat Track" Sounds very rocky?

there are lots of rocky tracks and some bridges. And stairs made of rocks.

 As well as some signs to "Tell you where to go!" 
Held in place by rocks.

Plenty of more stairs, (made of rocks) and if you want a real cardiac work out. "RUN!"

And more tracks some grass! and rocks.

More trees and rocks, DON'T STOP NOW!

Even "Bigger Rocks!" More trees.

When you get to the top you will realize there a road and that the "Heart Attack your about to have "May have been worth it. But only because of the view"

Not to Self "Take a car next time!!!" more rocks.

Looking out over "Beautiful Magnetic Island" contemplating "Life the world and everything"

  Looking out over the "Port of Townsville" taking in the serene beauty.

and while your looking out towards "Cape Palleranda"

You realize, your on a dirty great big "ROCK"

P.S. Please remember to take water, you can fill up at the top of the hill!


P.P.S. There are more free or cheap ideas of what to do in Townsville on the Reef Lodge Backpackers other blogs as well as our face book.

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