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Sunday 17 July 2016

Making a booking and securing it with "Credit Card" details.

SOOOOOO!!! your making a booking, yes you will probably need a credit card.

As a business we try to secure bookings, as with out this we really have no idea if people are in fact going to turn up. As usual its the minority that make it hard for the majority. CC = Credit Card

So the following are a few pointers to would be travelers / booking / CC details.

  1. If you ring our business and we require "CC" please don't take it as in insult that we don't believe you will turn up. We are just trying to cover our selves.
  2. Since you called us to make the booking you should have a good idea that your talking to a legitimate business and not someone about to sell your "CC" details online or go shopping for a new sandwich maker and steak knives.
  3. Yes we are tracked by our banks  and a legitimate business owner would be "STUPID" to go shopping with your "CC"
  4. Your in Australia, not in the back streets of some off beat town in a country no one has heard of.
  5. Most businesses in Australia are safe from "CC" fraud. Not saying it doesn't happen so be diligent. 
  6. If by chance it was proven that a business has defrauded you, that business may be bought up on criminal charges.
  7. If your card has been charged for something you did not purchase you should bring it to your banks attention. That's their job to protect you money.
  8. If you make a booking and do not turn up. Don't be surprised when you find you have been charged for the night. Most times the "Bank" will side with the business if a legitimate booking has been made and not canceled within the guideline of the booking. E.G. 24 hour cancellation Policy.
  9. As a business it would soon get out that they were ripping peoples cards off and would in turn destroy that business.
  10. Our aim is to ensure we look after our customers and make them happy. Not rip them off. We want people to want to come back and recommend us. Not run away and call us "RIPOFF BASTARDS." :0(
That said. I would like people who use "CC" over the phone, you could make our life so much easier by doing the following or simply answer the questions as asked.

No! "VISA" is not your name.

  1. When asked for the name on the card try this, tell them the name on your card. "Your Name" as it's written on "C.C"
  2. Your name is "Trudy" that's funny cause you sound like a "Tom" Not your card Hey it's your  girlfriends. It's fraud when you are trying to give details of a card that is not your.
  3. The number! Happily its divided up into 4 groups of 4 digits. Try just reading the first 4 numbers and wait, then second 4 and so on. Makes life SOOO much easier than the guy who runs off his mouth like a Olympic runner. We can only write so fast. 
  4. I'll make a cup of TEA! On the FLIP side of that, it doesn't take 30 seconds to write down 1 number, move it along a little.
  5. The "DATE." Read as its written 10 / 19 not November of two thousand and nineteen. As you should notice its WRONG! It's OCTOBER!! This happens quite often :O(   1. 0. 1. 9. is good also! And we are going to be in the 20th century for a little while longer I hope.
  6.  GET X-ray VISION!!!! Many businesses do ask for the C.V.V. or security number. Depending on company policy.
Just had to get that off my chest and thank you for reading.................

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