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Monday 1 February 2016

Just a little taste of Broome and why you should visit W.A. on your Australian adventure.

Broome is a booming tourist town in the southern Kimberley region of Western Australia. With its endless white sands and beautiful turquoise ocean along Cable Beach, which was named after  laying the Java- to-Australia telegraph. Cablw beach now boasts Camel rides as one of its major attractions. The beach is also home to Australia’s most famous nudist beach.

Cable Beach Broome W.A.

Broome was once the pearl capital of the world and its pearling industry was started in the 1880’s using “Black birded slaves. In the beginning these were generally Aboriginal and islanders with the preference for pregnant females, as it was thought they had better lung capacity and could stay down longer. 

If your into Pearls then Broome will not disappoint.

After the abolition of slavery many Asian and Islanders were paid to dive the oyster beds and the advent of diving suits was bought in. Many people lost their lives diving on the oyster beds and as an indication, the Japanese cemetery is the final resting place for well over 900 Japanese divers.

Early Pearl Divers in Broome

Today Broome is home to approximately 14000+ people and has Australia 20th busiest airport. Some of the things you can do while in Broome are take a look at the Dinosaur footprints, dated back to the early Cretaceous period some 130 million years ago. Check out “Pearl Luggers” and “learn about the hazards of the sea, find out why the pearl diver’s life was so perilous.

Dinosaur footprints tour.

For more information on Broome try Pearl Luggers website @

 and Thank you to Wikipedia where you can find some interesting information on the region.

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